About Us

Rawahel Al-Mashaer Company was established in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in August 2008 for the purpose of transporting people across the different regions of the Kingdom. It focuses on providing transportation services during Pilgrimage (Hajj and Omrah) seasons in terms of shuttles between the sacred places in Holy Makkah and Madina.
It provides an additional value to its clients represented in the perfect quality of services, high welfare, comfort, safety and efficient management.Rawahel Almashaer Company has the best employees who have the experience in transportation’s field they are managed by : Mr. Ghassan Iraqi  as Executive Manager,
Mr. Fa’eq Al Turk as Financial Manager,

Mr. Ibrahim Al-Asiri as Managerial Manager,

Eng. Mohammad Saleh Dowydar as IT Manager.

Mr. Mohammad Hakeem as  Hajj & Omrah Manager

Mr. Hilal Hussain Andijani, Director of the Madinah Branch,

Eng. Shareef Imam as Workshop and Maintenance manager,

Mr. Badr saad jaid  as Manager of the Executive Manager Office,

Mr. Bandr Abd Elwahab  as Marketing Manager,

Quality and Service:-

Rawahel Al-Mashaer Company has an efficient specialist team work in all fields of specialty and know how in transport, and this team work represents one of the company obligations towards its clients.

Bus drivers:-

Drivers are the most important elements of our work. They are basic and important people in our company. We adopt the most modern methods of driver’s training to achieve the optimum level in securing competent drivers who are expertise in finding their ways at all sacred places plus knowing the pilgrimage rituals. Such drivers are also trained in dealing with pilgrims.

Support Services:-

There is a modern mechanical and electrical garage (workshop) at the Company Head Office to handle all mechanical, maintenance and overhauling works. The team of this workshop consists of competent engineers, technicians and mechanics who inspect and supervise over the buses.

The workshop is equipped with the most modern necessary tools and machines to support this big fleet of buses at any time in coordination with Al- Jaffali Mercedes Company as well as MCV Mercedes in Egypt. There are also a general warehouse, oil tanks, fuel station, bus wash station, accommodation for drivers, a mosque and bus parking.