Transport prayers ، Shrines Serviceof the Two Holy

Rawahel company offering prayers feelings transfer services and shrines to customers as follows:

Prayers Service:

It is the transfer of pilgrims from hotels allocated to them to the Grand Mosque in the five daily prayers, according to the approved schedule lines from the relevant authorities Service.

Shrines holy places in Mecca Service:

1. Hira

2. Mount Thor

3. Allegiance mosque next to the Jamarat

4. Hudaybiyah mosque

5. Mount Hairy Muzdalifah

6. Mount of Mercy in Arafat

7. Alkhaev mosque in Arafat

8. Namira Mosque in Mina

9. Jamarat Bridge facility.

As agreed with the customer

Shrines holy places in Medina Service:

1. Mount one

2. graves Baqi site

3. Quba Mosque

4. The seven mosques

5. signed Badr

6. Lapierre Ali

As agreed with the customer